Seven Nail Salon Etiquette Tips For Your Next VisitNail Salon EtiquetteSeven Nail Salon Etiquette Tips For Your Next Visit

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Is it dramatic to call the nail salon a sacred space? It is a place where we carve out time from our busy schedules to relax and refresh. The massage chairs! The foot soak! The feeling of walking out with perfectly painted nails! I think it is safe to say we all love our time there. I feel it is important we talk about some basic nail salon etiquette tips so we can preserve this special space for ourselves and each other. 

Nail Salon etiquette falls into two basic categories: minimizing disturbance to other patrons and treating your technician with respect. Read on for seven nail salon etiquette tips to remember during your next visit. 

1. Introduce Yourself

Say hello and introduce yourself to your technician. You would be surprised how many people barely acknowledge the person providing service to them. 

2. Do Not Talk on the Phone

On my recent Instagram Live regarding cell phone etiquette, it was clear that the most triggering topic was cell phone use in the nail salon! A nail salon is a place many of us go to relax so it is understandable that we seek peace and quiet when we are there. This is not a time to field work calls or catch up with a long-lost friend, the phone calls can wait. 

3. Turn Phone Volume Off & Ring on Silent

When you enter the nail salon (or any quiet space) kindly place your phone on silent. This way if you would like to catch up via text, your neighbors will not be disturbed by the “ding” of each new message. You can keep (virtually) chatting away and no one will be any the wiser! 

Likewise, keep the volume off. If you wish to scroll on Instagram during your visit, by all means use your you-time how you like. But please do so with the volume off as hearing the ever-changing videos can be jarring for those around you. 

4. If You Must Bring Them, Keep Children Quietly Occupied 

This is a somewhat controversial topic, but unless you are bringing your child for a manicure of their own, it is best to leave them at home (if you are able). If you must bring them, make sure to plan ahead with things to keep them occupied. If that entertainment is a cell phone, make sure you bring headphones along to protect the peace of other patrons. 

5. Avoid Eating in the Nail Salon

The nail salon is not a place for food, especially something hot that has a smell to it as it will disturb other patrons. Drinks such as coffee and water are acceptable. 

6. Communicate Politely

The foundations of etiquette are courtesy and respect. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your service, communicate this politely and respectfully. 

7. Tip Your Technician Appropriately 

Tipping is part of the service and a key aspect of the technician’s income. Your tip should be 20% of your bill, more if you feel your technician did an excellent job or went above and beyond.



Lisa Lyons is a renowned wedding and event designer, and owner of Lisa Lyons Events & Etiquette based in Winter Park, Florida. As an eagerly sought-after event stylist, Lisa Lyons has created extraordinary celebrations for an astute roster of clients, including copious celebrity sports figures, five star corporations and respected private individuals since 2003.





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