Lisa’s Friends & Family Holiday Gift Guide

Lisa’s Friends & Family Holiday Gift Guide


The spirit of gathering, sharing, and giving at the holiday season absolutely warms my heart. Gift-giving really is an art and I get such joy from finding that perfect gift for my family and my friends-who-feel-like-family. So, without further ado, may I present some of my top gift suggestions, based on various interests!

For the Chic Homebody… 

When I traveled to South Africa earlier this year, I bought many items from Quince… I was blown away by the quality. Every single item I bought has become a wardrobe staple and I have been in *love* with this brand ever since. This will not be the last appearance by them in this guide but these Silk Pajamas make a wonderful gift. As do their cashmere socks!

Faux Feathered Slippers in a variety of colors are perfect for channeling a 1920’s starlet at her dressing table!

And, who could go wrong with a chic bedside carafe and drinking glass set? This pink pair from Maison Balzac had me at hello!

For the Home Cook

Cookbooks are always a welcome gift. These are all came out this year and are less likely to already be on your friends’ shelves. First, La Vita É Dolce explores Italian desserts with pastry chef Leticia Clark (who also wrote Sardinian Cookbook, Bitter Honey). Next, Celebrate with Babs, because to follow @brunchwithbabs is to love her! And finally, La Buvette: Recipes & Wine Notes from Paris, written by the owner of the famous Parisian café and wine bar.

For a non-book related gift: This set of 4 Spongeware Mugs by Tory Burch can become your giftee’s new go-to morning cup and of course, Chinoiserie kitchen towels are a resounding “yes” from me.

And, if you are planning to splurge, this 24-piece Cutlery Set from Laguiole is an actual *dream*!


For the “Drinks First” Friend… 

For the friend who loves a good cocktail, The New York Times Essential Book of Cocktails features more than 400 classic and contemporary cocktail recipes. If they are more of a wine person, The Sommelier’s Cookbook is full of great dishes with recommended wine pairings.

If you prefer to gift glassware, these Champagne Coupes from Estelle Colored Glass are beautiful. By my count, there are 16 different colors to choose from so you are sure to find the right shade for your recipient! Alternatively, might I suggest a set of Square-Cut Crystal Highballs?


For the Fan of Parlor Games… 

Two prettied-up versions of a classic game? Sign me up! These Chinoiserie Playing Cards come in a Ceramic Box and this version of Clue is designed to look pretty on your bookshelf.

Next, Piecework Puzzles never misses! The customized scenes in their puzzle sets are works of art in their own right which makes putting them together that much more fun. Only a handful of their puzzles are available on Amazon so I selected these three should you require last-minute, speedy delivery.


For the Beauty Lover…

I took a Merit Beauty Set with me to South Africa and am a total convert! This set is specifically designed for Holiday Gifting with less color-matching required. Similarly, this Lip Palette by Rouje has blendable shades that can suit just about every skin tone.

Made with French Guérande Salt, Sels De Bain Odiférants by iconic beauty brand Buly 1803 are full of minerals and feature a fragrant herbal blend with woody notes. And for drying off afterward, the Aquis Hair Towel is made of microfiber to help dry hair faster, protecting from breakage and damage.

A silk eye mask is a great way to unwind, block out light, and protect the delicate eye area from creases and folds while sleeping. This Mulberry Silk option is very affordable and from Quince.

And finally, these Dieux Skin Forever Under-Eye Patches are a brilliant eco-friendly solution to single-use under-eye masks. Simply use your favorite eye cream or treatment and layer the reusable eye masks on top. The masks help to seal in your skin product to boost efficacy.


For the New Mother…

When a new baby arrives, so much focus is on the newborn that we often forget Mom just went through a lot! This cashmere robe is ultra-soft for those early weeks at home and has that special touch of luxury she so deserves.

This very helpful little piece of tech means no more cold cups of coffee for Mom! The Ember Temperature Control Mug heats drinks to keep them at a stable temperature. All controlled by an app!


For the Interiors Tastemaker…

Coffee table books galore! It is difficult to go wrong with these classics.


For the Disney Aficionado…

Be still my Disney-Loving-Heart! Inspiring Walt Disney looks at the influence of French Decorative Arts on Disney’s early fairytale films such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and more.

The Poster Art of the Disney Parks is by no means a new release but it is a very fun look at the posters used to promote Disney Parks throughout the years. Retro park maps, individual ride posters, and so much more are inside.

Lastly, powerhouse publisher Taschen looks at Disneyland’s history through it’s unique art-focused lens in Walt Disney’s Disneyland.


For the Epicurean Adventurer…

Adventurous cookbooks whether on sustainably using every part of the vegetable in The Whole Vegetable by Sophie Gordon, or the art of pasta making in Pasta: The Spirit and Craft of Italy’s Greatest Food are a great choice.

Or for more hands-on gifts, a Vegetable Fermentation Kit or Microgreens Grow Kit.


For the Lover of Luxury…

Quince makes its final appearance in today’s list with three items in the Luxury List: Organic Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings, Mongolian Cashmere Crew-Neck Sweater (available in fifteen different colors!), and a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.

Additionally, these velvet jewelry trays are perfect for organizing favorite pieces and this bag from fashion-influencer-favorite-brand Polène is also a beauty!


For the Wanderer…

For those with a Wanderlust Soul, these feast-for-the-eyes books make a brilliant mini-escape.


For the Pet Parent…

These dog and cat ornaments are organized by breed. Add their name and the year for a touch of customization. For mixed breeds, find the closest fit! Order quickly as these are made by an Etsy Seller and make take time to arrive…


For the Avid Gardener…

To help with landscaping, consider a book on Flower Color Theory for some creative inspiration. Or consider some lovely tools such as these high-quality (and very chic!) Secateurs, a Gathering Basket (vintage, so be on the look out for similar options!) and a Gardener’s Apron area all perfect fits.


For the Crafter…

These adorable Beginners Crochet Kits from Woobles come pre-cast with instructions to make sweet animals– be sure to search around as there are dozens of different animals to choose from. Or for something a little more practical, this knitting set teaches you to make your own chunky blanket.


For the One Who Has Everything…

High Camp Supply will send a box of fresh gardenias anywhere in the continental US. There are a variety of boxes to choose from but pictured here is the Vine & Bloom Discovery Box.

Lisa’s Holiday Entertaining & Hostess Gift Guide

Lisa’s Holiday Entertaining & Hostess Gift Guide

The holidays are synonymous with entertaining and attending parties, gift exchanges, cookie decorating, and more! I have split this guide into two sections, one with great items for hosting with holiday table decor, party games, and other useful items, and the other section is filled with great hostess gifts.


Holiday Entertaining


LaGuiole Cheese Knives

Beautiful and functional, a great set of cheese knives will be used time and time again.


Taper Candlers in Every Shade

Whatever direction you are taking your holiday table (or if you want to bookmark these for a later event), nearly every color you’d need (32 to be exact!) can be found here.


Holiday Party Animal Cocktail Napkins

The Rudolph Zebra? My heart! These are so much fun and made my South-Africa-Loving-Heart soar. Available here.


Conversation Cards

Perfect for the family-centered holiday table to share viewpoints from all generations. Available here.


Green Glass Votives

An easy Amazon find for the holiday table! Comes in a set of 12. Available here.


Playful Placecards by Houses & Parties

These place cards add a touch of fun and whimsy to any dinner table. Choose between “Most Likely To…” where you can playfully fill in the blanks as a group (or you could pre-fill them and have guests guess which seat is theirs!) or “This or That‘ wherein you could go around the table deciding which of the options on your place card you’d be or choose, i.e. “Bake or Buy” and “Sweet or Savory.”


Holiday Tree Bowl 

This Christmas tree-shaped small bowl is perfect for filling with holiday candies on the coffee table!


Acrylic Jenga Tower

A decidedly chic upgrade to the traditional wooden blocks. This acrylic Jenga tower makes a great icebreaker.


Gold Glass Candleholders

Another great candle holder option for the holiday table from Amazon, perfect for taper candles.


Icon Party Masks

If you know me, you know I will be calling *dibs* on Audrey, *wink! These Icon Party Masks make for lots of fun. Alternatively, you could opt for the Royal Court Masks featuring the portraits of Queen Victoria, King Henry VIII, and Anne Boleyn.


Garden Soiree Serving Bowl

The green border on this serving bowl is equally at home during the holidays as it is in Spring and Summer, for year-round use. Available here.


Crystal Pitcher

You’d never know this pitcher was an Amazon find! Perfect for pre-batching your signature holiday cocktails.


Hostess Gift Guide


Noble Fir Candle 

It is hard to go wrong with a holiday-scented candle!


Mini Match Cloche

Pair this miniature match cloche with a scented candle to really up your hostess gift game!


Peppermint Bark 

A holiday classic and Williams Sonoma’s tin is so festive. Add a ribbon and you’re ready to go! Available here.


Holiday Hot Cocoa Pair 

Williams Sonoma’s Hot Cocoa Mix and Snowflake Marshmallows are sold separately but I think they make a better gift when paired together!


Mulling Spices

Seasonally perfect! Pair with a lovely bottle of red wine for the perfect holiday hostess gift. I’m partial to these as they come in sachets rather than the loose spices which require additional straining or equipment.


Chic British Tea

Who could resist the perfectly named Queen’s Guard blend?


Go-to Dinners by Ina Garten

Ina’s latest cookbook is a great gift for amateur and advanced home chefs alike!


Wooden Pepper Mill

A beautiful wooden pepper mill is made even better by including a jar of peppercorns!


Acid League’s Specialty Vinegar Set

Featuring living vinegars in flavors: Meyer Lemon Honey, Apple Cider Maple, Strawberry Rosé, and Cabernet Port, this set is a very fun hostess gift for your culinarily-inclined friends!


A Classic Box of Chocolates

See’s Candy is a classic. Our favorites are Soft Centers or Nuts & Chews. A pound is usually plenty unless you know the person you are gifting to has a major sweet tooth!


Nama Chocolate Squares 

If you would like to give chocolate but seek something a little more unique and unusual, these Japanese chocolates fit the bill. Wildly soft and said to be a popular gift in the entertainment industry, these are sure to pique your recipient’s interest. They are sort of a cross between fudge and a chocolate truffle, with a very light (but not airy!) texture. They are difficult to describe but very special! Available here.

Ikat Wine Bags

A must for prettying up a nice bottle of wine and making it extra special! Comes in a pack of 6 so you are sure to be prepared for any planned or last-minute invitations! Available here.


Local Macarons

Lastly, I feel you truly cannot go wrong by gifting a box of macarons from your local bakery. Just make sure your recipient is not allergic to nuts as almond flour is key to macaron-making.

Lisa’s Guide to Thanksgiving Etiquette

Lisa’s Guide to Thanksgiving Etiquette

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I thought it high time to round up my top etiquette and decorating tips into one helpful guide! 


Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

Decorating the Thanksgiving Table 

It may come as no surprise that decorating the table is my favorite part of any holiday– there is a reason I do what I do, *wink! 

  • Lean into seasonal colors, but do not feel restricted. I love a classic set-up, but I have also seen fabulous tables mixing blue and white chinoiserie with pumpkins and rustic set-ups that evoke the seasonal feeling without a gourd or squash in sight. There are no rules, so if you feel called to do something different, run with it!
  • Layer your linens, plates, and chargers for texture and visual interest. In the above image, we have two placemats: a round orange leather mat topped with a woven mat and followed by a chic stack of china. And remember, the napkin is either placed on top of the dinner plate or to the left of the forks.
  • Ensure decorations do not block conversation. Keep them low or placed between seats.
  • When setting the table, only place utensils that will be used. For example, if you are not serving multiple courses, you only need one set of cutlery. 
  • Cloth napkins are a must at any holiday gathering! Truthfully, I am a proponent of the idea that no occasion is too small for a cloth napkin. 
  • Use what you have! There is no need to go out and purchase a whole new table design, your guests will be happy to be there no matter what the table looks like.


Consider place cards.

With a mix of family members who perhaps do not see each other often, consider using place cards so that everyone knows where to sit. It streamlines the seating process and has the added bonus of being able to place people who do not get along further apart. 

Greet guests at the door.

Whenever possible, greet your guests at the front door and welcome them inside, furnishing them with a drink and directing them to other guests. This is not always easy on Thanksgiving when the meal requires preparation down to the last minute, but consider assigning this role to someone if you are unable. 

Include non-alcoholic beverage options. 

Not everyone can or wants to drink so it is important to provide non-alcoholic options. I love to greet guests with a specialty cocktail at the beginning of the night and try to include a mocktail version as well. Please note, it is never appropriate to ask “why” someone is choosing not to imbibe. 

If children are attending… 

Plan activities to keep them occupied outside of mealtime. This could be a small art project, board games, puzzles, or simply a separate room with a television! 

Remember, guests will follow your lead.

As the host, it is your duty to verbally signal to guests when to be seated. You are also responsible for many nonverbal cues, such as placing your napkin in your lap to signal the beginning of the meal and placing your napkin on the table to signal the end. 

If you are using a buffet-style service, as is common during holiday meals with lots of components, you may want to encourage guests to begin while their food is still hot. Lastly, as a host, it is your duty to pace yourself with your guests so that slower eaters do not feel rushed for being the last to finish. 

The dishes can (and should) wait. 

Outside of clearing the table, wait until after guests have left to begin cleaning up. Nothing makes guests feel more uncomfortable than sitting around the table while dishes are clanging in the sink. 

Offer to send leftovers home with your guests. 

Part of the fun of Thanksgiving is the abundance of food and the leftovers the next day. Plan in advance by procuring some disposable takeout containers– I buy eco-friendly containers on Amazon and they always come in handy.


Tips for Attending Thanksgiving as a Guest

Ask what you can bring.

If you are attending a Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) meal at someone’s home, ask what you can bring! You could offer to bring a side dish, dessert, wine, or similar. If your host declines, respect their wishes but do bring a hostess gift (see below for suggestions!).

While it is not strictly required to bring a hostess gift if you are contributing a dish, I think it is nice to bring a little something in gratitude for your host’s gracious invitation. 

Do not arrive early (or late).

Before the designated start time, your host is busy with last-minute adjustments and finishing touches. Arriving early can throw off their planning. Arrive within 15 minutes of the time you have been given, it is equally impolite to be late. 

Bring a Hostess Gift 

A lovely candle, chocolates, a nice bottle of wine, or flowers are all great hostess gift options. Just remember, if you choose to bring flowers as your hostess gift, they should be in a vase. The last thing your host should be worrying about as guests arrive is finding a vase and arranging flowers.

Offer to pitch in, but do not be pushy.

Thanksgiving involves a lot of moving parts. Offer to help with chopping, cooking, tidying, or cleaning. If your host declines, do not be pushy and avoid lingering in the kitchen and talking whilst your host is working to get the meal ready. 

Avoid controversial conversation topics.

Politics and religion are both topics to be avoided at the holiday table. If someone else brings these up, do not engage and do your best to change the subject. 

If you spill or break something… 

Help to clean up right away and offer to pay for the damage or cleaning fee.

Try not to overstay. 

Know when it is time to take your leave. Thanksgiving is a very long day for hosts and after you leave, they will still need to clean up and do their nightly routine. 

Send a thank-you note. 

Within one week of the evening, it is good manners to send a handwritten thank-you note to your host expressing your gratitude and how much you enjoyed the evening. 


A Note on Dietary Requirements vs. Preferences 

For hosts: 

Ask about dietary requirements in advance. Even if you think you know what everyone can and cannot eat, ask again. These things can change quickly and it is better to be safe than sorry. 

If you have plant-based guests, consider something like a nut roast, which is a vegan alternative to Thanksgiving’s classic main, Turkey. Yes, many plant-based guests will happily eat the sides, but it is nicer to show the effort to properly include them. 

Allergens should be managed with great care, using separate pans and cooking utensils. 

For Guests: 

If you have a genuine allergy or religious restriction, be sure to let your host know in advance. Outside of this, personal preferences are not things you can communicate and you should plan to eat a little bit of everything that is on your plate. 

Travel Etiquette Guide: 11 Rules for Traveling Abroad

Travel Etiquette Guide: 11 Rules for Traveling Abroad

We leave for South Africa tomorrow and as I have been preparing, travel etiquette has been on my mind! 

I believe we can all agree that some of the worst faux pas you will ever encounter happen when traveling. The Instagram page, @passengershaming, exists for a reason – view at your own risk, my friends!

Read on for my top 11 travel etiquette tips.  


Before Your Trip


1. Learn a few key phrases. 

Learning a few important words and phrases, such as “hello,” “good morning,” “please,” and “thank you” can have tangible benefits in addition to showing respect. In fact, in many places (France, in particular) servers will be kinder to you for having shown the effort and not simply expecting them to speak English.


2. Research local customs. 

Take a moment to do some research before your trip regarding the etiquette and local customs of the place you plan to visit. Some might surprise you, such as: 

  • Tipping after a meal in Japan can be considered rude or insulting to the server. 
  • Showing the sole of your foot or shoe is considered disrespectful in many Asian countries.
  • Giving a “thumbs up” with your hand equates to a rude gesture in Turkey. 
  • Eating with your hands is common in India and the Middle East, but using your left hand, which is viewed as unclean, is impolite.
  • Visiting Buddhist monuments in Nepal? Do not take photos unless given permission.


3. Consider the local religion and sensibility when packing. 

Some places are more conservative than others and we should aim to dress respectfully when sightseeing and experiencing their cities and towns. 

For example, in Muslim-majority countries and cities, even those which specialize in tourism such as Dubai, it is important to dress more conservatively. Covering the arms and legs will help you and the locals feel more comfortable. 

Similarly, when visiting temples in Asia or Catholic churches in Italy, the shoulders must be covered.


Getting There…


4. Choose a “pulled together” look. 

Please, please, for the love of all that is holy, can we put an end to pajamas at the airport? On my last flight I saw not one, but *two* pairs of Spongebob pajama pants!  

Of course, we all want to feel comfortable on a long-haul flight. But seeking comfort does not have to come at the expense of polite society. I assure you, it is possible to look both pulled together and be comfortable. 

Kindly join me in the classy comfort of a chic airport travel outfit!


5. Be prepared for the security line. 

We all know the drill by now: you must take your phone, laptop, and bag of toiletries out of your bag and put them in the trays provided. You will likely need to remove your belt, shoes, or hat. 

Be ready for this before you get to the front of the line to keep things moving smoothly.


6. The person in the middle gets both armrests. 

This debate has been closed for quite some time and the general rule is as follows: 

  • The window seat gets the armrest nearest the window. 
  • The aisle seat gets the armrest nearest the aisle. 
  • The middle seat gets both the center armrests. 

The middle seat is arguably the least pleasant to be in, they deserve both armrests.


7. Be mindful of your fellow passengers. 

Further to the above, mind your airplane behavior. General rules to take note of include: 

  • Always use headphones when watching something or listening to music. Consider a headphone splitter if your children are watching something together. 
  • Avoid reclining your seat during mealtimes. 
  • Keep an eye on your children’s behavior. Children on airplanes is an inherent challenge but do your best to keep them from kicking the seat in front of them and bring activities to keep them quietly occupied.
  • If you know you will need to get up a lot during your flight, try to book an aisle seat in advance. 
  • Face masks and mists have become a trendy activity on flights, but in my opinion, these are best left to before and after your journey. This is especially true of mists which are hard to contain and can disturb other passengers.


8. Avoid heavily scented perfumes or strong-smelling foods on the plane. 

Airplanes are confined spaces that have the added problem of closed-loop air systems. Because planes rely on a pressurized environment to keep us safe, air must be continually recycled within the cabin. Thus, strong smells do not dissipate easily. 

Smelly foods and strong perfumes are inconsiderate to other passengers who are unable to escape the scent, especially those sitting closest to you.  And do not get me started on using nail polish on the plane – yes this happened to me on a flight once and the entire plane had to suffer the consequences of one person’s inconsiderate decision.


At your Destination


9. Be Respectful.

Remember, you are a guest in this place. Treat the land and its people with the utmost respect. That means cleaning up after yourself in public spaces, treating people with courtesy, and offering praise, never criticism, of a location and its cuisine.  

Furthermore, if offered a local delicacy as part of an experience or excursion, it is impolite to refuse. Unless you have a genuine dietary requirement or allergy, try the item and show that you enjoyed it, so as not to offend. It should go without saying that you should never turn your nose up when offered local cuisine.


10. Do not leave your hotel room or rental in an overly messy state. 

When checking out, make sure to leave the room in good condition. For example, you do not need to make the bed but pull the covers up. Place trash in the receptacles rather than leaving it on countertops and dressers. Leave towels as indicated on the card provided (usually the floor). Remember to leave a tip if it is customary in your location.


11. Do not expect the place you’re visiting to be like the place you came from. 

A brief PSA to all our American friends complaining about the lack of iced coffee in Europe right now… Try something new! You’re in a beautiful country with beautiful traditions, customs, and cuisine. The purpose of travel is to experience a different culture so “do as the Romans do!”


Would you like more etiquette advice?

I hope you enjoyed these travel etiquette tips! Follow along here or on my Instagram for more etiquette tips and mindful manners to help you live more elegantly and gracefully.

Everything I Bought for Our Trip to South Africa

Everything I Bought for Our Trip to South Africa

Mr. Lyons and I are headed to South Africa next week and I cannot wait to share all the details. Those who know me know this is a dream come true! We will begin in Cape Town and then head to a Safari Camp in the hopes of seeing the Big Five and then some!  And yes, this is Mr. Lyons and I stitched onto my favorite couple of all time… *wink!

As a wedding planner of over 20 years, you *know* I have been busy researching and planning for months regarding what to bring and how best to optimize the limited space we will have. Apart from a few key items, my focus was on finding products from brands with an ethical and sustainable ethos.

Flight Essentials

Read on for my top ten flight essentials that I bought in preparation for our 18-hour trip.

1. Air Tags and Air Tag Luggage Clips

With all the reports of lost luggage during this hectic travel season, I was not taking any chances! I bought a pack of four air tags and four luggage clips so that I can watch our luggage like a hawk!


2. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Not only for traversing the airport but for exploring Cape Town and the city region whilst there. I tested these Birdies on a 36-hour trip to Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago and they did not disappoint! I had always heard how comfortable this brand is and I now understand why!


3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

For undisturbed quiet, these are a travel must. Plus, I love this colorway.


4. The Two-Yard Wrap

The name says it all: two yards of luxuriously soft fabric designed for wrapping up however you like. Perfect for mid-flight chills! This brand‘s products are all made in the United States and this wrap is created from sustainable wood Tencel.


5. Cable Organizer

Oh. My. Goodness. Where has this cable organizer been all my life? It has dedicated pockets for chargers and cables in a convenient pouch. No more tangles and no more wasteful Ziploc bags!


6. Washable Silk Eye Mask

This is my first mention of Quince but it will not be the last– I purchased a whole cart from them! This washable silk eye mask is ideal for getting some sleep on the flight. I love that it is washable for easy care.


7. Travel Trousers

Among my biggest pet peeves is seeing sweatpants or pajamas at the airport. The desire to be comfortable while traveling is universal, but wearing sleepwear in public is where I draw the line. Plus, truthfully you’ll never catch me in a pair of leggings outside my own home. These sustainably-made trousers with an elastic waist make for a comfortable travel outfit that still looks put together. Win-win!


8. Trtl Travel “Pillow”

I use quotes because this looks nothing like any pillow I have ever seen! And I believe that’s a very good thing. It is likely we can all agree that travel pillows are anything but comfortable. They really just get in the way. This “pillow” has a built-in frame to support the neck while sitting up and is wrapped in a plush fabric. It also clips onto luggage which was a yes for me!


9. Homeopathic Jetlag Remedy

Missing out on precious time during our trip due to jetlag is simply not an option in my book! I will be doing my best to avoid it and am hoping this homeopathic jetlag remedy helps.


10. The World’s Thinnest Charger by Clutch

Because having some backup battery protection gives me peace of mind that I will not miss out on capturing a single moment! I can hardly believe how thin and lightweight this charger is.


Fashion Selections

1. Mongolian Cashmere Tees

These Quince cashmere tees are sustainably-made, ethically produced, and ultra-soft. I chose the Heather Grey and Light Blue shades. 


2. Classic Crew Neck Tees

Simple, classic, cotton and modal blend tees, sustainably and ethically made. Ticks all my boxes! I went for one in classic White and one in Dusty Pink. Available here


3. Linen Shirt Dress

Another fabulous Quince find: a chic, 100% European Linen Shirt Dress. 


4. White Linen Button-Down

You simply cannot go wrong with a classic, white linen button-down shirt! Available here.


5. Mongolian Cashmere Sweaters

I love these cashmere sweaters from Quince. I bought one in the Oatmeal shade and one in Minimal Pink.


6. Loungewear for the Tent

For those chilly nights on Safari, I bought this adorable lounge set. Each is sold separately but matches beautifully: Cardigan, Knit Tank, Knit Pants.


7. Columbia Puffer Vest

This Floridian was careful to include plenty of options for keeping warm out in the game reserve! This Columbia Puffer Vest in the color “Chalk” fit the bill.


8. My Safari Boots

Outdoorsy but make it fashion. These Canvas Desert boots seem perfect for the adventure.


9. Cropped Wrap Blouse

This top feels elevated but still easy to wear, perfect for mixing and matching during our trip.


Beauty & Accessories

1. The Ultimate Travel Beauty System: Cadence Travel Containers

This entire set of 12 fits in the quart-sized allowance for your carry-on. Each magnetic interlocking container holds 100mls and saves so much space. And the lids are fully customizable! Available here

2. Merit Beauty Essentials Set

This streamlined, minimalist, clean makeup set is perfect for travel. Plus, the packaging had me at hello! I bought The Skin Set.


3. Earthling Starter Set

Never, not once, have I been on a long trip and been able to survive on 3oz of shampoo and conditioner alone. These shampoo and conditioner bars seemed like a great option. Since they are solid, they do not count toward your liquid allotment and there is no risk of leaks and spills inside of checked luggage. This brand uses natural ingredients, is sustainably made, and the set is entirely plastic free. Comes with a cute mesh soap saver bag, too!


4. Walking Hat

Sun damage? No thank you! SPF plus a wide-brimmed hat are my protections of choice. This walking hat is foldable for easy packing with mesh venting for breathability, has UPF50 sun protection, and there is even a space for ponytails!


5. Straw Visor

This is my go-to visor for walks around the neighborhood (and the Disney parks!) Available here on Amazon.

Quick Tip: It sells out quite often. When I really wanted to get it for my Mother-in-law, I managed to find it on Etsy, too.


6. Athletic Greens Travel Pack

Pre-portioned, vegan, with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and adaptogens. I think I will survive the trip without my usual supplement routine. *wink! Available here


7. Reversible Seamless Bra

This bra from Spanx is a travel no-brainer! It is so comfortable I bought two!


8. Travel Vanity Mirror

This travel mirror is perfect for unreliable airport and hotel lighting. I love that it folds completely flat for easy transport!


9. iPhone Gimbal

Ok, this one takes a little practice to get used to. But the ability to stabilize shaky shots will be a lifesaver out in the game reserve! It also comes with a tripod for multi-purpose usage. Available here.


Note: This post contains affiliate links.