25 Tips to Be More Elegant Each Day

25 Tips to Be More Elegant Each Day

How to be More Elegant - 25 Tips

In our bustling world, we regularly encounter people who are not using their manners, being mindful of others, or even putting an effort into the way they have presented themselves to the world. As a result, when someone shows us a common courtesy or is pulled together, we really notice! I believe we should all strive to be that little bit more polished, that little bit more courteous, and be the change we wish to see. Read on for 25 quick tips to be more elegant, polished, and poised each day! 

1. Maintain good posture. 

Stand with your shoulders back and keep your eye line high. If you are looking down at your feet, your head inevitably follows. Pull your stomach in and place your weight primarily on the balls of your feet. 

2. Smile and offer a firm handshake when meeting someone new. 

First impressions matter. A warm smile and a firm handshake show confidence and a welcoming demeanor. 

3. Remove your sunglasses when introducing yourself. 

Eye contact is important, especially when first meeting someone. By removing our sunglasses, we show respect for the other person. Furthermore, consider this: if you only met someone with sunglasses on, then saw them without on the street, would you remember their face? Removing your sunglasses helps the other person form a mental picture by showing them your face. 

4. Greet people with an uplifting, “good morning!” 

Or depending on the time of day, “good afternoon” or “good evening.” There is something so inviting and polite about these greetings. Offering a stranger a warm, “good morning” while walking the dogs simply makes for a more polite society. 

5. Opt for more formal forms of speech.

Instead of, “thanks,” say “thank you.” In place of “sure,” try “certainly.” Swap “hi” for “hello” (or “good morning!” as above). These small changes can make a significant difference in how you are perceived. 

6. Use the correct response to someone asking, “how are you?”

The correct response to “how are you?” is “I am well, thank you. How are you?” 

7. The words “please” and “thank you” will always be important.

Add to this, “you’re welcome” and “excuse me.” There is a reason these are among the first manners we teach our children. They are foundational!

8. Take care with your body language. 

Often our body language will be believed over our words. For example, if you say “I am so happy to be here” with slumped shoulders and a frown, your body language is speaking louder than your words. 

9. Give your full attention. 

If you are in conversation with someone, be present with them. Do not look around the room, check your phone, or run through your to-do list in your head. Being in the moment and asking thoughtful questions is how we make true connections.

10. Respect the privacy of others. 

Never pry into someone’s personal life. Ask yourself, am I asking because I truly need to know, or is it just to satisfy my own curiosity? If it is the latter (and it usually is) do not ask further questions. 

11. Learn the difference between “can I” and “may I?” 

“Can I” is about ability whereas “may I” is about permission. You can borrow my pen but do I want you to? “May I” is the correct way to ask permission, i.e. “may I borrow your pen?” 

12. Be punctual. 

Elegant people are not late nor are they in a rush. Arriving on time show you are respectful of another person’s time. Leave the house a little early wherever possible to allow for unforeseen circumstances. 

13. Address others with the correct pronouns. 

The pronouns “they” and “them” might be new to many but they are simply a matter of respect. Do your very best to address a person with the pronouns they identify with. If a person corrects you on their pronouns it is polite to apologize, thank them for the correction, and use the correct pronoun thereafter. If you say the wrong pronoun and catch yourself, take a moment to correct yourself, i.e. “I’m sorry, I meant ‘they,’” and continue with what you were saying. 

14. Limit your use of chewing gum.

Did you know it is not permissible to chew gum in the presence of the Royal Family? Chewing gum certainly is not the most elegant practice. It is similar to chewing food, if you must chew gum it should only be done with the mouth closed, never smacked, and one should never talk at the same time. 

Truthfully, gum should not be chewed or disposed of in public, and on the whole, it is preferable to use mints for breath refreshment. 

15. Do not gossip. 

The adage “what Suzy says of Sally says more of Suzy than of Sally,” will forever hold true. It is simply not polite to speak ill of others or speculate on another person’s circumstances. 

16. Send thank-you notes. 

A handwritten thank-you note will always be elegant. Send them in response to gifts, dinner parties, or when someone has simply done something nice for you. Choose chic stationery and always handwrite them. 

17. Dress up.

Dress for the occasion, my darlings! Even if that occasion is simply going to the grocery store. You will always feel good knowing you pulled yourself together.

18. Apply perfume with care. 

One of the easiest ways to tell if you are wearing too much perfume is if you can smell it on yourself after a few minutes. Furthermore, if you leave a room and your scent lingers, you may have too much on. Ask a friend or partner so you can adjust accordingly in the future. 

19. Be mindful of cell phone usage around others.

Oh, the cell phone. This is an article in and of itself (more on that here). In short: avoid using your cell phone around others, i.e. step away from others to take calls; Do not use speakerphone or scroll with the volume on in public spaces; And take care with your ring volume in quiet zones such as theaters, yoga studios, and spas or nail salons. 

20. Smile. 

Did you know the tone of the human voice changes when we are smiling? In fact, humans can recognize that a person is smiling by the tone of their voice alone. A smile puts others at ease and helps to make a great first impression.

21. Tip generously. 

Tip a minimum of 20% in service-based transactions, including restaurants and spa services. 

22. Mind your temper.  

We must always aim to respond rather than react. If tensions run high, you may want to excuse yourself. Take a moment to collect your thoughts, consider the issue from the other person’s point of view, and pause for some deep breaths. When you return, try starting with: “hat I am hearing is you feel this. That was not my intention.”

This goes for digital correspondence, too. Do not write an email while angry and never use all caps (also known as yelling in digital speak). 

23. Learn the art of the apology.

There are few things less elegant than being unable to acknowledge a mistake. Learning to take accountability and apologize for wrongdoing, however small, is a sign of emotional maturity. Remember, if your choices, words, or behavior hurts a person’s feelings, those feelings are valid. Regardless of whether you feel they are overreacting or out of line, their feelings matter and an apology is necessary. 

24. Take care of your wardrobe. 

Choose pieces that suit you and take great care of them. An iron, a steamer, a reliable dry cleaner, and an excellent tailor will make all the difference. 

25. Be YOU. 

Elegance is not about putting on airs or a phony persona, it is about being the best possible version of yourself. Learn what you love, what flatters your very essence, and what makes your heart sing so that you can better honor yourself and your unique personality. 

2021 Solutions Bridal Fashion Show

2021 Solutions Bridal Fashion Show



I have officially planned five (!) Solutions Bridal Fashion Shows, each one special and somehow better than the next. Because this year’s show came after a brief (global) pause in 2020, I just knew I wanted to knock some socks off!

For a change, I wanted to step away from anything overly flowery or romantic (stay tuned next year, though!) and create something super energetic and fast-paced. Following a year and a half of us being stashed away in our homes, it felt like it was time to let loose!

We had an absolutely incredible team of vendors this year, each of them bringing their own talents, insights, and ideas to help bring the vision to life. Early on in the planning process, I mentioned to Jim O’Neill with FyerFly Productions that I wanted the show to feel more like a concert, rather than just dresses and tuxedos going down the runway. Jim suggested I watch Justin Timberlake’s concert at the MGM in Las Vegas and that was *it*! I immediately approached Art Faulkner to build the “wall” so that the lighting could go through it. FyerFly created a dazzling light sequence of starbursts, flecks of light, and even a section with the words “Love is Love” repeating across the wall.



A big theme for this year was inclusivity. I was thrilled when Erica, owner of Solutions Bridal, mentioned that she had added the Limitless line at the boutique, offering plus-size gowns, and that she wanted models to walk in them. From there, inclusivity became the paramount sensibility to match the aesthetic of the show.

Solutions Bridal featured an absolutely incredible selection of 75 looks. We had all sizes, genders, and ages, including a “senior” female model. Jazz It Up Artistry mastered all of the skin tones, types, and hair types flawlessly, which further showcased our inclusivity message.



Our partner, Leonardo Fifth Avenue debuted their new collection at the show and are now in New York to show it for Fashion Week! The tailoring was exquisite and there were so many unique styles presented. A personal highlight was wearing my custom Leonardo Fifth Avenue suit to present the show. I felt so confident in it and the fit was flawless.



In one of my favorite moments of the night, my dear friend John strutted the runway in a full skirt and heels. The idea of a man in a skirt was casually mentioned and introduced to me at a planning meeting by Tim Blunk with the Ritz Carlton, and I wasn’t willing to forget it. When the original model who was meant to wear the skirt was unable, I knew just who to call. So, 16 hours before the show I asked John to fill the space and he jumped in, heels first! The plan was for John to be our finale. The morning of, after we heard Jim’s runway playlist, we all collectively knew he needed to OPEN the show. Not willing to abandon the original plan, we had him close it too! It was beyond perfect.



Despite the minutiae of details, logistics, and the unprecedented number of garments and models to walk the runway, this was the easiest show to design, plan, project management and produce. A total testament to the entire vendor team that ran with what they do best.

Lastly, I am so grateful to Erica of Solutions Bridal for trusting me so implicitly year after year. As she has said before, one of the best parts of doing this show is seeing our own unique vision come to life. She deserves every bit of the show’s success.

Cheers to next year’s show, I already cannot wait!


Vendor Details

Bridalwear: Solutions Bridal
Menswear: Leonardo Fifth Avenue
Event Planner: Lisa Lyons Events
Venue: Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes
Lighting/DJ: FyerFly Productions
Wall Construction: Art Faulkner
Stage: Letz Dance On It 
Hair & Makeup: Jazz it Up Artistry
Performers: Noire Productions
Florals: Fairbanks Florist
Photography: Cricket’s Photo & Cinema + Art Faulkner Photography
Behind-the-Scenes Photography: Djamel Photography
Videography: Seltzer FilmsStationery: Seed Sprout Bloom
Chairs and Furniture: Gala Rental

Bridal Fashion 2018 | Solutions Bridal Fashion Show

Bridal Fashion 2018 | Solutions Bridal Fashion Show

I quietly observe trends, but when it comes to bridal fashion or event design, I do not believe that trends should ultimately drive the market

The fairytale element is so very important, but there can be a careful line to walk between couture and practicality.

This year, I was so very honored to have been invited by Solutions Bridal and The Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes to design their annual Bridal Fashion Show (#SBFashionShow. You’ll want to look that hashtag up on your social channels! *wink) for the third year in a row.

This year, we showcased the designs of Erin Cole who embodies the spirit of the modern woman/bride today. The dazzling show was hosted on the new DaVinci Lawn at The Ritz Carlton, and the evening was picture perfect!

Video by Jeffrey Stoner:

The collection celebrates the inner fire of a woman and her desire to be naturally glamorous and sensuous.  A woman who is complex and has many layers and textures of her personality and individual style.  The Erin Cole Collection was created through a composition of sheer,  layered, natural fabrics, soft hues, whimsical lace, and intricate embroidery.

Designing and executing beautiful productions like this most certainly takes a village, so please allow me to introduce to you MY VILLAGE! 

Gowns and accessories: Solutions Bridal Designer House
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes
Video: Jeffrey Stoner Video
Event Designer: Lisa Stoner
Model Hair and Makeup: Makeover Station – Makeup & Hair design
Event Stationery Designer: Siuleth Rivera
Design and Decor: Botanica International Design Studio
Event Drape: Swag Decor
Furniture: Style House Rentals
Photographers: Leah Langley PhotographyTabitha McCausland O’NeillDjamelphotographyWhitney Leigh BilodeauDaniel KuykendallBlake18 PhotographyKathy Thomas Photography, LLC
DJ, Runway, Ambient Lighting & Projections: DJ Jacob Co
Model Agency: BMG MODELS & Premiere Model Management

September Style Challenge

September Style Challenge

#LSSTYLECHALLENGE-September 2017 Style Challenge.jpg

Hello, my digital darlings! I am so excited to be ushering in September, 2017 with my second style challenge!

Daily prompts are outlined in the infographic above and you can post your interpretation to these *style suggestions* on your social media channels using and following the hashtag: #lsstylechallenge. I’ll also be hopping on Instagram stories and Facebook Live daily to chat about the prompts and share what you’ve all come up with!

Here are the *rules*

💋 Participate in as many or as little challenges as you can-no pressure!
💋 Dig in your closet and rediscover garments that can work- no need to go shopping and spend good money that you can use for manicures *wink!
💋 Don’t overthink it! Your interpretation of the day’s prompt is exactly what I want to see; i.e.: your authentic self and creativity
💋 Use the hashtag #lsstylechallenge and tag a friend so we can all follow along!

Have the BEST time! xx, LS

Lisa Stoner + red Lips + Style Challenge.jpg

I’m marking September 1st with my first post highlighting red lips with a white blouse, and I can’t wait to see all of yours throughout the day!

Fun, no?

With a wink and a smile-

xx, LS

Lips: Nars | Cruella

Sunnies: Rayban

Blouse: Banana Republic

Watch: Apple

Watch Band: Target

A Fourth of July Brunch

A Fourth of July Brunch

There are BBQ’s, parades, concerts, 5K’s and later-evening firework displays, but if you’re looking for an option for something in between, consider this chic alternative to celebrating Independence Day.

I was feeling like celebrating in a more subdued manner this year, and after I caught the morning patriotic concert in Central Park and bicycle parade down Park Ave. in Winter Park, I had some of my favorite dames celebrate with a little bit of rose, white and blue with me. *wink

Smaller gatherings with girlfriends like these are so manageable when you can pool together your resources to make the celebration equally as festive as it is fun. 

Malia bought her chic monogrammed linen napkins, Lana some bright and beautiful blooms, Jessica shared some stylish jewelry, (I mean, it was a girlie-party, after all!) I had some fun vases and pillows to add to the décor and Abby always has her trusty camera and expert eye on hand!

After we previewed what we had all brought to contribute to our fun gathering, it was time to set the table!


After foraging in her own backyard, Lana showed up with a bucket of beautiful red blooms, then swiftly got in her element, and started to arrange them in the vases I had brought.

Using chinoiserie vases with clear vases with blue twine was an unexpected but elegant touch as was mixing floral and striped patterns with the pillows. Mixing patterns isn’t always easy for me all the time, but once I started to lay everything out on the table, I was thrilled with the look and filing this under “must try again!”

Since the heat here in Orlando rivals that from the surface of the sun, brunch was particularly delightful indoors, where we al agreed to get a little bit fancy and save our tank tops and short s for the fireworks show later!

To compliment the Rosé, (ha!) we opted with summertime, Southern favorite morsels like fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles, courtesy of Hamilton’s Kitchen. 

PS: Diets start TOMORROW!

Who doesn’t love to feel fancy?

Wishing you a fun, safe and Rosé-filled Independence Day, darlings!

xx, LS

*Post in collaboration with Hamilton’s Kitchen*

Images: Abby Liga Photography

Floral: Lana Faulkner

Jewelry: Quest Stones

Monogrammed Linen: Lettermade

Vases/Plates: Home Goods

Fourth of July Fun & Fashion

Fourth of July Fun & Fashion

Lisa Stoner + Abby Liga +Fourth of July+Alfond Inn

What is it about red, white and blue that makes us want to get outside, cook and grill, sip some wine and cocktails and most importantly, celebrate our big and beautiful country , the good ole’ USA?!

The way I see it is that if I am going to celebrate like it’s 1776, I am going to be comfortable, stylish and have make sure my surroundings speak to the occasion! *wink

Celebrating the 4th can be as casual as it is dressed up, inside our outside, but since our most patriotic holiday is just a week away, I wanted to share and easy-breezy outdoor affair.

I gathered a star-spangled blanket so that the Mister and I could have a picnic with our beloved senior-rescue beagle Andy (isn’t he so cuuuute?!) along with some other fun red, white and blue décor pieces, including a navy blue pouf for the pooch to designate a spot on the lawn of a nearby boutique hotel where many other locals and travelers will be boasting their blankets and spirits to share in the Independence Day festivities.

I kept it classic and cool with white jeans, a navy silk top ,tried-and-true sunnies and my jewelry is just as much practical (a life-saver, really!) as it is stylish. We are in Orlando, so it is HOT, (Rosé to the rescue!) and we have also had a very soggy month of June which has welcomed a new breed of mosquitos. My bracelets have mixed stones and beads where you can apply essential oils to them for aromatherapy but in this case, and thanks to peppermint oil, they warded off those pesky insects. Brilliant!

Are you feeling inspired to kick it up a notch this 4th of July?

Come on baby, you’re a firework! (couldn’t resist!)

xx, LS

*Post in collaboration with The Alfond Inn*

Images: Abby Liga Photography

Jeans & Blouse: J. Crew

Jewelry: Quest Stones

Sunnies: Rayban

Purse: Cult Gaia

Shoes: Kate Spade

Blanket & Pouf: Home Goods

Pinwheel: A Girl and Her Glitter