Fitness Studio and Gym Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Gym Etiquette

Gyms and Fitness Studios are shared spaces where we visit to improve our health and feel better, both mentally and physically. Using these spaces with kindness and consideration makes for a better experience for all involved and ensures we leave these places feeling better than when we entered! Follow these gym etiquette tips to be a better patron.

Do check your gym and fitness studio’s rules. 

Most gyms and fitness studios have rules of conduct for members and guests. Because every gym is different, it is important to take the time to read and follow these rules. They can typically be found on the website or in the locker rooms.

Don’t arrive late to classes. 

Entering a class after it has started is disruptive and often means people have to shift around to accommodate you. Arriving to classes ten minutes early or at the very least, by the start time, is simply good manners.

Do put things back where they belong. 

At the gym, one of the most common complaints you will hear is regarding people not re-racking the weights they have used. It is a nuisance for the next person who has to find the weights they need. It also poses a tripping hazard. Standard gym etiquette is to put things back where they belong. That goes for foam rollers, yoga mats, props, and towels (yikes!), which must go into the receptacles provided.

Don’t linger. 

When the gym is busy, be expedient with your equipment use. A common sight in the gym today is people taking selfies before their squats or scrolling on their phone after finishing a set. At peak times when people are waiting to use equipment, it is important to avoid lingering as much as possible. 

Do treat equipment with respect. 

Just because it does not belong to you, does not mean you should be careless with it. Treat equipment with respect. Avoid dropping weights on the floor or letting machinery slam shut.

Don’t take phone calls or spend time scrolling. 

General rules regarding cell phone etiquette are that one should step away from others when taking phone calls, never use speakerphone in public, and when scrolling in a shared space, the volume should be switched off. These all apply to the gym. Similarly, when it comes to a studio class, your phone should be switched off entirely or left in a locker if possible. More cell phone etiquette tips can be found here (the hill I will die on, *wink!).

Do wipe down equipment and accessories after use. 

As a general courtesy (and gym etiquette must), use an antibacterial wipe, spray, or a gym towel to wipe down equipment after you use it.

Don’t give unsolicited advice. 

This has become a more common gym problem, where many people feel they can correct another person’s form or give their opinion without being asked for it. If you find yourself of the receiving end of an unsolicited opinion, try this response: “I appreciate your feedback. I have to finish my workout now. Thank you.”

Do keep music to a minimum.

When listening to music with headphones take care that the volume is not so high that others can hear it. And please, do not play music on the speaker of your cell phone.

Don’t arrive to a gym or fitness studio less than fresh… 

This should go without saying, and yes I understand that for obvious reasons, most people prefer to shower after a workout. However, these are shared spaces and if you are not smelling particularly fresh, it is unpleasant for the other patrons. Ensure your gym clothes are clean and your gym shoes are not biohazard-worthy when you remove them. 

Are you looking to polish your poise? 

Perhaps you would like to incorporate etiquette education into your next team-building exercise, host a speaker at your networking event, or help your staff members hone their soft skills.

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