From Business Class to First Class – Lisa Lyons Etiquette Manual


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Developed through her one-to-one etiquette trainings, From Business Class to First Class, covers an in-depth range of etiquette rules and best practices for living more elegantly and gracefully.

Inside you will find sections on Personal Branding, Business Etiquette, and Dining Etiquette, broken into chapters on subjects such as:

  • Executive Presence
  • Making Introductions
  • Dress Codes
  • Savoir Vivre and Social Graces
  • Closet Staples
  • Digital First Impressions
  • Technology Faux Pas
  • Making an Entrance
  • Next Level Networking
  • Conversation Skills
  • The Art of the Business Card
  • Host & Guest Duties
  • The Corporate Toast: Giving and Receiving
  • Seating and Precedence
  • Guide to Place Settings
  • Napkin Know-How
  • American vs European Dining Etiquette
  • Fine Dining Etiquette
  • Oenology 101
  • Tea and Coffee Etiquette
  • Managing the Unexpected Accident
  • Tricky Foods Guide
  • and much more!


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