Manners with Freddie – Children’s Etiquette Bundle


Welcome to Manners with Freddie! This children’s etiquette class, with corresponding coloring booklet and placemat, is set around my dog Freddie’s birthday party.

Together we learn how to:

  • Introduce ourselves and others
  • Shake hands
  • Practice good basic manners
  • Eat lunch with good table manners
  • Write a thank-you note

Children can use their coloring booklet after class to draw in Freddie, practice their thank-you notes, and remember key etiquette points. The laminated placemat depicts a proper place setting so children can practice their table manners.

Note: This purchase comes with both a digital product (a video class with online access) and two physical products (a coloring booklet and placemat) which will be shipped to your chosen address. After purchase, you will receive a link to the digital class with your receipt.


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