Signature Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes Wedding || Edwin and Keith

Signature Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes Wedding || Edwin and Keith

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Edwin and Keith’s Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes Wedding

Edwin and Keith tied the knot this fall with a truly signature, stylish Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes wedding. With the legalization of same sex weddings and the desire to start a family, Edwin and Keith came to me to plan their big day after spending eight years together. In the sweet words of Jensey and Nathan Root with Root Photography, this wedding had all the makings of a perfect day. It had stunning grooms, the dreamiest venue, and an amazing team of vendors. Most importantly though, it was overflowing with an immense sense of love in each and every little detail.

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Their Desire For a Signature, Stylish Wedding

When Edwin and Keith first came to me to help plan their big day, they were very adamant on one thing. It could not resemble a typical wedding. In their words, it had to be signature, stylish, and fun. Needless to say, with a dream vendor team such as this one, that’s exactly what they got! (and more!)

In the beginning, we were actually planning on hosting Edwin and Keith’s wedding at their beautiful home. However, upwards of 200 guests wanted to share the love and experience with them. We soon realized that we needed an alternative venue choice. With the versatility of the space offerings and the additional amenities, I knew the Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes was going to be the perfect venue for them.

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Their Dramatic, Tear Jerking Ceremony

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Naturally, their wedding ceremony was the most important thing to them. With their desire not to have a typical wedding, they wanted me to come up with something more unique than your usual unity candle or sand ceremony. So, we had a branding ceremony! I found an iron worker who made pokers out of their initials / wedding logo, and it was sensational. They branded a piece of leather during the ceremony, and that piece now hangs in their home. (Talk about dramatic!) They also had a poem written by a very close friend who is a writer and poet that they didn’t hear until the wedding day. However, nothing was more romantic than their written love letters to one another that the other read out loud during the ceremony. (It was definitely a tear jerker!)

Needless to say, Edwin and Keith’s ceremony was filled with as much radiating love as it was style. It was complete with dramatic fire, the most dapper midnight blue tuxedos, white chiavari chairs and walkway, and draped columns in front of the perfect sunset backdrop. If you can’t tell by their exit, I have a thing for launching confetti and streamers!

Letting Loose with a Breathtaking Reception

After the ceremony, dinner was served on the lawn where they also had their first dance and cake cutting. The waiting staff stood at attention at each table adorned with clear chiavari chairs and the most stylish pairing of black linens and royal blue napkins. When it came to this wedding, not even the smallest detail was spared. One of my favorite smaller details was their initials/logo making a feature on their details throughout the day. Their menu cards by Eleven Note sported a wax seal, and and their gorgeous black and white cake provided by the Ritz Carlton was even monogrammed.

Immediately after dinner, guests were speechless as they entered. We secured ballroom inside the Ritz that served as the lounge and after party space. Servers and an illuminated dance floor sported their logo along with a dramatic fire bar serving drinks. Their space was complete with smaller tables and lounge seating, enough up lighting to put the most prestigious clubs out of business, and a room full of loving family and friends who couldn’t have been happier for our sweet couple. Needless to say, this was anything but a typical wedding.

Motherly Love

There’s just something about a parent’s love for their child. Needless to say, all of that emotion can make you tear up on a wedding day. I think the only people more excited for Edwin and Keith to get married than them was their mothers. Although I didn’t get to meet them until the wedding, I LOVED their moms! Between Keith’s mother’s pride and joy (being Keith) and Edwin’s happily emotional mother, I just wanted to take them both home with me. They were so sweet!

One of my favorite things about Edwin and Keith’s wedding was they spent the day in rest and relaxation. They ended up getting ready together and getting massages together earlier in the day. By spending the day leading up to their ceremony together, they were so ready and so relaxed when the time came to go down that aisle. (And did it sure show in their photos!) There’s not a photo in this gallery that doesn’t have Edwin and Keith radiating just pure love and bliss.

Edwin and Keith, I am so honored that you chose me to be a part of your truly magical wedding day. It was signature, stylish, fun, and everything unique. I had such a pleasure and joy getting the opportunity to work with you through this exciting time in both of your lives. I hope to have more couples who radiate as much pure love as you in the future. I wish you all the happiness and well wishes in the world as the ultimate power couple!


Thank you to all the vendors who came together to make this day truly unforgettable!