Everything I Bought for Our Trip to South Africa

Everything I Bought for Our Trip to South Africa

Mr. Lyons and I are headed to South Africa next week and I cannot wait to share all the details. Those who know me know this is a dream come true! We will begin in Cape Town and then head to a Safari Camp in the hopes of seeing the Big Five and then some!  And yes, this is Mr. Lyons and I stitched onto my favorite couple of all time… *wink!

As a wedding planner of over 20 years, you *know* I have been busy researching and planning for months regarding what to bring and how best to optimize the limited space we will have. Apart from a few key items, my focus was on finding products from brands with an ethical and sustainable ethos.

Flight Essentials

Read on for my top ten flight essentials that I bought in preparation for our 18-hour trip.

1. Air Tags and Air Tag Luggage Clips

With all the reports of lost luggage during this hectic travel season, I was not taking any chances! I bought a pack of four air tags and four luggage clips so that I can watch our luggage like a hawk!


2. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Not only for traversing the airport but for exploring Cape Town and the city region whilst there. I tested these Birdies on a 36-hour trip to Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago and they did not disappoint! I had always heard how comfortable this brand is and I now understand why!


3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

For undisturbed quiet, these are a travel must. Plus, I love this colorway.


4. The Two-Yard Wrap

The name says it all: two yards of luxuriously soft fabric designed for wrapping up however you like. Perfect for mid-flight chills! This brand‘s products are all made in the United States and this wrap is created from sustainable wood Tencel.


5. Cable Organizer

Oh. My. Goodness. Where has this cable organizer been all my life? It has dedicated pockets for chargers and cables in a convenient pouch. No more tangles and no more wasteful Ziploc bags!


6. Washable Silk Eye Mask

This is my first mention of Quince but it will not be the last– I purchased a whole cart from them! This washable silk eye mask is ideal for getting some sleep on the flight. I love that it is washable for easy care.


7. Travel Trousers

Among my biggest pet peeves is seeing sweatpants or pajamas at the airport. The desire to be comfortable while traveling is universal, but wearing sleepwear in public is where I draw the line. Plus, truthfully you’ll never catch me in a pair of leggings outside my own home. These sustainably-made trousers with an elastic waist make for a comfortable travel outfit that still looks put together. Win-win!


8. Trtl Travel “Pillow”

I use quotes because this looks nothing like any pillow I have ever seen! And I believe that’s a very good thing. It is likely we can all agree that travel pillows are anything but comfortable. They really just get in the way. This “pillow” has a built-in frame to support the neck while sitting up and is wrapped in a plush fabric. It also clips onto luggage which was a yes for me!


9. Homeopathic Jetlag Remedy

Missing out on precious time during our trip due to jetlag is simply not an option in my book! I will be doing my best to avoid it and am hoping this homeopathic jetlag remedy helps.


10. The World’s Thinnest Charger by Clutch

Because having some backup battery protection gives me peace of mind that I will not miss out on capturing a single moment! I can hardly believe how thin and lightweight this charger is.


Fashion Selections

1. Mongolian Cashmere Tees

These Quince cashmere tees are sustainably-made, ethically produced, and ultra-soft. I chose the Heather Grey and Light Blue shades. 


2. Classic Crew Neck Tees

Simple, classic, cotton and modal blend tees, sustainably and ethically made. Ticks all my boxes! I went for one in classic White and one in Dusty Pink. Available here


3. Linen Shirt Dress

Another fabulous Quince find: a chic, 100% European Linen Shirt Dress. 


4. White Linen Button-Down

You simply cannot go wrong with a classic, white linen button-down shirt! Available here.


5. Mongolian Cashmere Sweaters

I love these cashmere sweaters from Quince. I bought one in the Oatmeal shade and one in Minimal Pink.


6. Loungewear for the Tent

For those chilly nights on Safari, I bought this adorable lounge set. Each is sold separately but matches beautifully: Cardigan, Knit Tank, Knit Pants.


7. Columbia Puffer Vest

This Floridian was careful to include plenty of options for keeping warm out in the game reserve! This Columbia Puffer Vest in the color “Chalk” fit the bill.


8. My Safari Boots

Outdoorsy but make it fashion. These Canvas Desert boots seem perfect for the adventure.


9. Cropped Wrap Blouse

This top feels elevated but still easy to wear, perfect for mixing and matching during our trip.


Beauty & Accessories

1. The Ultimate Travel Beauty System: Cadence Travel Containers

This entire set of 12 fits in the quart-sized allowance for your carry-on. Each magnetic interlocking container holds 100mls and saves so much space. And the lids are fully customizable! Available here

2. Merit Beauty Essentials Set

This streamlined, minimalist, clean makeup set is perfect for travel. Plus, the packaging had me at hello! I bought The Skin Set.


3. Earthling Starter Set

Never, not once, have I been on a long trip and been able to survive on 3oz of shampoo and conditioner alone. These shampoo and conditioner bars seemed like a great option. Since they are solid, they do not count toward your liquid allotment and there is no risk of leaks and spills inside of checked luggage. This brand uses natural ingredients, is sustainably made, and the set is entirely plastic free. Comes with a cute mesh soap saver bag, too!


4. Walking Hat

Sun damage? No thank you! SPF plus a wide-brimmed hat are my protections of choice. This walking hat is foldable for easy packing with mesh venting for breathability, has UPF50 sun protection, and there is even a space for ponytails!


5. Straw Visor

This is my go-to visor for walks around the neighborhood (and the Disney parks!) Available here on Amazon.

Quick Tip: It sells out quite often. When I really wanted to get it for my Mother-in-law, I managed to find it on Etsy, too.


6. Athletic Greens Travel Pack

Pre-portioned, vegan, with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and adaptogens. I think I will survive the trip without my usual supplement routine. *wink! Available here


7. Reversible Seamless Bra

This bra from Spanx is a travel no-brainer! It is so comfortable I bought two!


8. Travel Vanity Mirror

This travel mirror is perfect for unreliable airport and hotel lighting. I love that it folds completely flat for easy transport!


9. iPhone Gimbal

Ok, this one takes a little practice to get used to. But the ability to stabilize shaky shots will be a lifesaver out in the game reserve! It also comes with a tripod for multi-purpose usage. Available here.


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